iNet100: it’s ready to visualise your computing landscape

Detects, diagnoses, and resolves performance issues

i-Net100 technology is a low latency open sources holistic system to gather and analyse data, set thresholds and notify events on all your computing operations

i-Net100 assists you in achieving your IT objectives, with the use of real time monitoring, instant notifications and predictive analysis. . With 24/7 support provided by our engineers around the world, i-Net100 gives you peace of mind that your computing operations are serving your clients. We look after all aspects of your computing performance, including networks and deployment, capturing critical issues before becoming a problem to your business and IT systems, so that reputation remains intact.

Our goal is to keep you running to your maximum potential

i-Net100 provides maximum benefits to businesses, scalable to millions of items and hundreds of thousands of nodes. This comes with an easy administration setup, simple roll out and XML configuration.  Customers have immediate cost benefits as i-Net100 is truly industry open source.

This makes i-Net100 more flexible in adapting to continuous development and particular demands. Customers receive focussed business advantages with cutting-edge alerts, analysis and visual monitoring features. An holistic data gathering systems facilitating real time analysis of metrics with thresholds, predictive analysis and performance measuring must be comprehensive, adaptable and non-intrusive. It must have the capacity to be part of your IT operation, encompassing the full life cycle solution. i-Net100 delivers whereas most commercial monitoring systems do not achieve these goals.

Designed to meet the requirements of Business and IT

i-Net100 is already monitoring systems and transactions used by major investments banks, service providers and retails organisations, meeting the following key objectives:-

  • All-out functionality, with physical real time monitoring and analysis.
  • Incorporates features absent in the ‘BEST’ commercial monitoring systems out there in the market today!
  • A wide range addition of integration options including embedding code in Applications, constructing personal or private client centric web pages and interfacing with ITIL/Help Desk Products.
  • State of the art analytics indentifying root cause, capacity bottlenecks and inventory.
  • Applied to applications, infrastructure, networks, web services, data, processes, transactions, resources, load bandwidth, latency etc.
  • Flexible for specific industries including dealing rooms, transaction processing and process control.
  • Protected, providing proactive and multi-user management hierarchy, reports and views.

iNet100 software

iNet100 software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. The formal terms of the GPL can be found at http://www.fsf.org/licenses/.

For additional details, including answers to common questions about the GPL, see the generic FAQ from the Free Software Foundation at http://www.fsf.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html.

If you use iNet100 in a commercial context such that you profit by its use, we ask that you further the development of iNet100 by purchasing some level of support.

Bespoke Screens

i-Net100 Dashboard
i-Net100 Dashboard

i-Net100 Low Latency
i-Net100 Low Latency

i-Net100 Events
i-Net100 Event

i-Net100 Screens
i-Net100 Screens

i-Net100 Graphs
i-Net100 Graph

i-Net100 Maps
i-Net100 Maps