Product FAQs

What are the benefits of using i-Net100?

Our business model is that of providing consultancy and services, not products. This model differs sustainably from the likes of HP OpenView, ITRS and Tivoli giving your organisation massive efficiencies..

Independent surveys (see link) have shown that i-Net100 is the most comprehensive monitoring system available.

How does i-Net100 monitor our system?

i-Net100 supports agent and non agent (polling) based monitoring. The agent based is versatile and network efficient and has an insubstantial footprint. A profile of the events of interest is accepted by the server GUI which instantiates the nascent agents. In this layered and managed way, a view of your environment is established.

i-Net100 is fully event driven with separate layers for data collection, analysis and notification.

The underlying mechanisms of i-Net100 can be incorporated directly into applications.

Can you monitor multiple networks at one time?

Yes: There are several possible configurations and no theoretical restrictions.

Can i-Net100 monitor different network facilities i.e. LAN/WAN, VLAN, VoIP, Video Conferencing, IPTV?

Yes: i-Net 100 can monitor state, events, rates etc.

At what point does i-Net100 monitor up to?

i-Net100 is scalable with no theoretical restrictions. Deployment, maintenance and database/big data paradigms assure performance is maintained.

Can i-Net100 monitor hardware performance in my network?

Yes: i-Net100 supports industry standard interfaces as well as specific profiles for hardware.

Does i-Net100 support JMX?


Can we use i-Net100 for server monitoring?

Yes: i-Net100 can monitor all aspects of servers – state, applications, memory, process space, CPU, data rates, data usage etc.

Can i-Net100 monitor virtual machines?

Yes: i-Net 100 can monitor all aspects of VM’s – state, performance, applications, memory, process space, CPU, data rates, data usage etc.

Can i-Net100 monitor data rates?

Yes: i-Net100 monitors data rates on the network, through switch/router ports, network cards, sessions and utilisation by applications.

Can i-Net 100 monitor data usage?

Yes: i-Net100 monitors data usage and can track rogue data.

Can we visualize the status of our network and hardware through i-Net100?

Yes: i-Net100 has various visualisation available drilling down from a global view to item specific views, each showing state and underlying data.

Does i-Net100 decipher who or what is occupying the bandwidth within our network traffic?

Yes: using the underlying collected data.

Can we do device backups using i-Net100?

Yes: using the event/time driven facilities.

Can it be remotely hosted?

Yes: i-Net100 offer various hosting configurations and services to meet your requirements.

Can i-Net100 self-discover?

Yes: our experience with clients is that this needs to be carefully managed and controlled to prevent storms.

Can i-Net100 maintain inventory?

Yes: inventory management and history is a focus of many regulators.

What OS does i-Net100 work on?

i-Net100 is platform agnostic. All components can be compiled to run on any environment.

The ranges of i-Net100 products are fully compatible with Linux operating systems but our preferred i–Net100 installation is based on centos 5.8 or 6.2. Our customers use:

Servers Agents
AIXFreeBSDHP-UXLinux: ALTLinux: MiracleLinux: CRUX

Linux: Debian

Linux: Fedora

Linux: Gentoo

Linux: NST (Live CD)

Linux: Oracle Enterprise

Linux: RedHat

Linux: SuSE

Linux: Ubuntu





AIX 5.3 AIX 6.1 FreeBSD 4.2 FreeBSD 6.2 FreeBSD 7.1 FreeBSD 8.2

Linux 2.4.x

Linux 2.6

Linux 2.6.23

Linux 2.6.

OpenBSD 4.6

OpenBSD 4.7

Solaris 8

Solaris 9

Solaris 10

Windows (All)

Would I benefit from i-Net100?
Yes: you can be using i-Net100 within hours to manage your environment.

Who is i-Net100 designed for?

i-Net100 is designed to obtain data efficiently, analyse the data for events and notify appropriately. It is deployed in many industries – Medical, Finance, ISP, Telco, Building Maintenance, Access Control etc – there are no restrictions.

Are there different levels of support?

Yes: we offer a full range of support and services. We ask that a basic level of support is subscribed to in order to give you peace of mind.

How much would it cost?

We tailor the costs to your requirements.

Is i-Net100 really better then industry incumbents such as HP OpenView etc?

Independent surveys tell us that i-Net00 is better the industry incumbents.

How do I apply for i-Net100?

Contact us on:

What is included in the i-Net100 service?

We offer a full service of monitoring your environment to working with you to install i-Net100. We also offer training. The basic support is email queries with a 24hr turn around during the working European week. We also support customers locally in USA, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

How would it be supported?

We offer full on-site presence, support from our NOC to 24hr email turn around. We tailor all support to your requirements.

Who will be supporting my network monitoring?

Our distinguished engineers assigned to and knowledge of your environment.

Does the service come with 24/7 support?

We offer 24/7 support including following the sun.

What are the escalation procedures?

Escalation is tailored to your requirements. i-Net100 has a fine granularity of notification that exposes the notification event, logs the remediation and will escalate to your requirements through the organisation as required e.g. if not response, on events not being closed within certain time frames.

i-Net100 assures that you have all the available information to discuss events with your customers and management.

Bespoke Screens

i-Net100 Dashboard
i-Net100 Dashboard

i-Net100 Low Latency
i-Net100 Low Latency

i-Net100 Events
i-Net100 Event

i-Net100 Screens
i-Net100 Screens

i-Net100 Graphs
i-Net100 Graph

i-Net100 Maps
i-Net100 Maps