Support Plans

i-Net100 provides a number of support plans to meet most requirements from basic online support to global 24 hour direct access support.

Tailored to meet your requirements, the most popular plans differ mainly by response times required, being bronze, silver, gold, platinum and titanium (on site support). Items offered include:

Software Upgrades

i-Net100 Cloud

Custom i-Net100 Builds

Help Desk Monitoring

Problem Resolution Support

Remote Troubleshooting

Performance Reviews

Consultation Support

Account Management

Site Visits


Contact i-Net100 sales team to discuss your service requirements and beneficial prices.

Bespoke Screens

i-Net100 Dashboard
i-Net100 Dashboard

i-Net100 Low Latency
i-Net100 Low Latency

i-Net100 Events
i-Net100 Event

i-Net100 Screens
i-Net100 Screens

i-Net100 Graphs
i-Net100 Graph

i-Net100 Maps
i-Net100 Maps